We understand how important your horses are – they are part of your family.
This important consideration is at the forefront of our minds when we formulate and
manufacture the Frankling EquinePro range of feeds.

Our products are formulated by independent Equine Nutritionists to ensure the
finished products will perform as expected by our customers.

For ultimate “peace of mind” the Frankling EquinePro range of feeds, from storage of the
grains, cleaning, steam-rolling and finally mixing are made in our own dedicated Equine mill.

A wide range of quality Equine Feeds to cater for the high performing Thoroughbreds right through to your trusty old kids pony!


EquinePro offers your equine athlete the specific nutritional support to meet its full potential.

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A happy, healthy horse starts before conception. Good nutrition is paramount to breeding success.

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The best nutrition and products ensure that your horses are always healthy, and ready to enjoy the time you spend with them.

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EP Grains

A complete range of high quality grains suitable for use in horse diets.

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Quality you can rely on
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A healthy glow begins with good nutrition, from pony club to elite performance horses we have the right products for your horse.